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docs/gnulinux/fsf-distros: Further explain why Trisquel is crap

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diff --git a/docs/fsf-distros/index.html b/docs/fsf-distros/index.html @@ -64,6 +64,27 @@ Foundation. We are opposed to the FSF, and Trisquel endorses them, so endorsing Trisquel means endorsing the FSF. </p> + <p> + The lead developer (Ruben Rodriguez) also works full-time as an FSF + sysadmin, and seems to barely have time to develop Trisquel these days. + As a result, with a lack of leadership (and Ruben presumably still + <em>holding on</em>), the project has stalled and will probably end + up becoming a dead distro. <em>Critical security updates are currently + delayed compared to Ubuntu, their upstream!</em> + </p> + <p> + Several people within the Trisquel project have even left the + project as a result of this. For instance, this post on the Trisquel + forums clearly shows such discontent: + <a href=""></a> + + </p> + <p> + We advice all users of Trisquel, whether they use libreboot or not, + to switch to the most similar free distribution, Debian, which is + listed on our <a href="../distros/">official list of GNU+Linux + distributions recommendations</a>. + </p> <h2>Ututo</h2> <p> It's a dead project.