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diff --git a/docs/install/bbb_setup.html b/docs/install/bbb_setup.html @@ -372,40 +372,24 @@ GND 4-5 MOSI </p> <p> - <b>tty0_</b> in the coreboot IRC channel had this to say: + <a href=""></a> + is what we typically do in libreboot, though not always. That page + has some notes about using resistors to affect stability. </p> -<pre> -&lt;stefanct&gt; -&lt;stefanct&gt; i was even using 220 ohm today -&lt;tty0_&gt; fchmmr: I flash with 20MHz. But had to do a lot of stuff to make it work: -&lt;n1cky&gt; stefanct: got a picture? -&lt;tty0_&gt; I made &quot;coax&quot; with 0.1 mm core and aluminum foley (from my kitchen), add 100 Ohm resistors (serial) -&lt;tty0_&gt; above the aluminum foley i've put heatshrink -&lt;stefanct&gt; i think that's a bit overkill :) -&lt;tty0_&gt; did this for: CS, CLK, D0, D1 -&lt;tty0_&gt; i can flash with 50MHz -* roxfan has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) -&lt;tty0_&gt; I planned to take pics and explain -&lt;fchmmr&gt; sgsit, 50MHz / 0.5MHz = 100 times faster than what we are used to. -&lt;kmalkki&gt; and flashrom does not tell you the correct actual SPI clock -&lt;tty0_&gt; yep -&lt;kmalkki&gt; (for spidev on BBB) -&lt;fchmmr&gt; tty0_, I'm adding these notes to the libreboot documentation. -&lt;tty0_&gt; 512 takes forever (compared with this) -&lt;fchmmr&gt; tty0_, more notes from you (and photos), probably a full guide, would be very useful for a lot of people. -&lt;tty0_&gt; kmalkki: yes -&lt;stefanct&lt; and on the bbb the maximum is in the device tree -&lt;tty0_&gt; stefanct: If you have to do it many times it it worth i believe. I had so much problems flashing my x200t without it -&lt;stefanct&lt; in my case it is 16MHz -&lt;stefanct&lt; tty0_: if it helps... sure -&lt;kmalkki&gt; tty0_: so what hardware did you claim 50MHz with? -&lt;tty0_&gt; BBB - -&lt;tty0_&gt; -&lt;tty0_&gt; BTW, i use twisted pair as core (in case i need to put capacitors) -&lt;tty0_&gt; One of my early x200t attempts: - -</pre> + + <p> + tty0_ in #libreboot was able to get better flashing speeds with the following configuration: + </p> + <ul> + <li>&quot;coax&quot; with 0.1 mm core and aluminum foley (from my kitchen), add 100 Ohm resistors (serial)</li> + <li>put heatstrink above the foley, for: CS, CLK, D0, D1</li> + <li>Twisted pair used as core (in case more capacitors are needed)</li> + <li> + See this image: + <a href=""></a> + </li> + <li>He was able to flash at 50MHz (lower speeds are also fine).</li> + </ul> </div> diff --git a/docs/tasks.html b/docs/tasks.html @@ -240,10 +240,6 @@ Get them for the following remaining boards: X60, T60, macbook21, R400 </li> <li> - Adapt the notes at <a href="install/bbb_setup.html#stability">install/bbb_setup.html#stability</a> - into a full guide. - </li> - <li> There are no instructions for how to use the GRUB terminal to find a grub.cfg manually, or how to boot an installed GNU/Linux manually, so some users get stuck after the initial installation of libreboot